Servo Motor Retrofit Installation

Servo Motors are very popular now a days. Mostly 80% new machine buyers are buying new Plastic Injection Molding Machines with company fitted Servo Drive, Servo Motor with Gear Pump. There are following main advantages of Servo Motor installation in any used or new Plastic Injection Molding Machines :

  • Servo Motor gives power saving 40% to 80% in comparison of standard induction motor.
  • Servo Motor machines gives product consistency. Means the shot weight of products comes out more fine.
  • Servo motors can offer higher performance, faster speeds, and smaller sizes.
  • Most servo motors are rated IP55 or IP65 as standard.  This is a higher IP rating than traditional ODP or TEFC motors that are going to be IP44 or IP54.

Servo motors are more advanced motors in comparison of induction motors. It’s time to save more and more power with every cycle of machine to go green so servo system helps you in same way to go green. Servo System also helps to get more product accuracy with best repeat-ability of every gram of plastic material. Many many people in this world are replacing their standard induction motors on their new machines or used machines too. To replace a servo motor package their must be good knowledge to choose perfect required package as per machines.

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