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The labor cost is going to become higher day by day. On the other hand the skilled people are either very less or not interested to do labor class jobs. It’s fact that the people who are skilled also either they are taking high wages or their productivity is not consistence. So it’s time to switch towards Robots to get solution of all these problems :

  • Robot is one time investment with consistence output.
  • Robot never goes on strike.
  • A Robot works with a continues time frame with same productivity in every hour.
  • Multiple Robots increase profitability of a company but multiple labor decrease profitability of a company.

Many type of Robots used in Plastic Injection Molding industry. The basic of Robots is a Sprue picker robot, it is a very simple kind of robot which works on machine without opening its gates and pick sprue or runner from inside of mold during product and runner drop out from mold. There are many more type of other Robots like 2 axis to 6 axis. The selection of Robots is not so easy. Team Mr24 helps you in selection of robots and then in Installation and in service of robots.

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