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Every Machine run with a controller. There are two parts of every controller, 1st is HMI and 2nd is I.O Board or also called Mother Board. There are electronics cards inside this controller and a display outside. It is called HMI (Human Machine Interface) and the 2nd unit inside the electrical panel of machine is called I.O (Input & Output) board or mother board. The all input and output of different valves and other different functions goes from I.O Board :

  • PLC Controller has a life of 8 to 12 Years. And after that it will be better to replace it with new feature controller.
  • We can replace or install new controller in any kind of new or used Plastic Injection Molding Machines.
  • There are different type of controllers which works on different voltage and different signal with different program.
  • Mr24 Team Engineers understand very well the required input and output with desired program for customers.

It is very necessary to chose the right controller as per required input and output on machine. Because the required input and output depends on machine to machine. Same in case of program, the program of different machines may be different because the program required to run a machine works as per working or operational sequence of the machine. So PLC controller Retrofit in any Plastic Injection Molding machine must be with best operational outputs and trust on us Team Mr24 delivers it very well.

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