Any Part Replacement

In every machine there are many many parts working together. The failure of anyone part may stop the complete machine. Many many times customers buy some parts outside but it is not easy for them to fit these parts properly. There are mechanical parts like Toggles, toggle pins, bushes, Tie Bars, Platen etc. etc. are there which are not easy to fit in any Plastic Injection Molding Machine :

  • Team Mr24 can do fitment of any type of mechanical parts.
  • Team Mr24 have well trained engineers who can do fitment of hydraulic parts like inside oil seals etc. etc.
  • Team Mr24 have engineers who can help you to replace Servo Motor bearings etc. difficult works.
  • Any type of Mechanical, Hydraulic or Electrical works we are always there for you.

Many many times some company takes professional works so lightly and they spend their huge time to finish these professional works. During this time they loose their productivity. But if they calculate their productivity in comparison of time or the service charges of Mr24 then they will found very big loss. So always choose a smart way with Team Mr24 because we are always there for you.

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