New Machine Installations

There are some strong steps which everybody must take before going to install a new machine or an old machine with a new location. Most of people took it very lightly and they buy machine and fill the oi and do the electrical connections and start the machine. But after few months they found themselves in very big troubles.

  • There are different parameters which must be checked during installation of new machine or relocation of old one.
  • A machine must be on concrete platform with anti-vibration level pads.
  • There must be good power cable used according to it’s connecting load, earthing must be 0 to 3 V only.
  • There must be a servo stabilizer to control the power fluctuations.

There are so many other check points which must be done or must be cover before installation of any new or used machines. A single point uncovering may be very dangerous for any machine or the human being who is going to run the same machine. Team Mr24 take cares every machines very well during installation and relocation of used machines.

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